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Podiatry deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limbs.

The conditions podiatrists treat include those resulting from bone and joint disorders such as arthritis and soft-tissue and muscular pathologies, as well as neurological and circulatory disease. Podiatrists are also able to diagnose and treat any complications of the above which affect the lower limb. Foot injuries and infections gained through sport or other activities are also diagnosed and treated by podiatrists.

Podiatrists employ a range of skills. Direct consultations include a clinical history composition, physical examination, diagnosis, preparation of a treatment plan and provision of a variety of therapies. Clinical assessment techniques aim to secure diagnosis and prognosis and take into account clinical, medical and surgical history, footwear, occupational and lifestyle factors and may incorporate the use of diagnostic equipment and medical imaging such as X-ray, Ultrasounds and MRI's. Gait analysis will often be undertaken through visual and computerised means to appreciate best how posture and mechanical forces may be contributing to the presenting problem

Australian podiatrists complete an undergraduate degree of Bachelor of Podiatry or Podiatric Medicine which is four-year university education. The first two years of this program are focused on various biomedical science. The following two years will then be spent focusing on lower limb-specific areas such as podiatric biomechanics and human gait, podiatric orthopaedics This training and education makes Podiatrist's genuinely qualified to manage your lower limb complaint.

Podiatry Fee Schedule

Service Standard Fee
Initial Consultation - (History, examination, report of findings, recommendations and treatment as indicated and x-rays if required) $100.00
Standard Consultation - (History, examination and treatment) $80.00
Update Consultation (1) $90.00
Brief Consultation $59.00
Shock Wave Therapy $59.00

1. Update consultations are for clients presenting with a new injury/complaint or for returning clients whom have not been examined for more than 6 months.

Concession Rates - Concession includes pensioners, un-employed persons, full time students & persons aged less than 18 years. The fee schedule is reduced $5.00 for concession clients. Please note that Government health care cards are not accepted at this clinic.

** A $10.00 account keeping fee applies to when payment is not received on the day of treatment or if an account is sent.

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